What do I love to do in my life most of all?

       I love my family and my baby (he's 2 now) and I love books, singing and photography.
So when I started to think where to work, and it was after graduation from university and at the same time with my marriage, I was looking a photographer for my wedding day. I already knew how to take images in M mode, something about composition and technical details so I was looking for really nice person and images. And I got so inspired!!!! I just ask my hubby may be I can try to do it myself and he said Yes, sure! Why not? Just try! So after my wedding day just in 1 month I was shooting my first wedding! And since that time, it was in August 2008 I LOVE my work so much, I'm so sticking to be a photographer that even moving from Ukraine to NYC didn't stop be but vice verse gave me tons of inspiration! I love people here for being not just nice but really open, smiling and supportive! Here I'll put some wedding pictures just to stay in mood. I didn't photograph wedding in NYC yet and I must confess I miss it so much!
If you want more of my images visit, You are welcome!!!
How did you decide to work and where do you work? Do you have kids and do you love photography?

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