The first thing I was thinking about when starting blog was my trip to Brazil and my friendship with Paulo.
I lived in Ukraine and Paulo lives in Brazil. How could we met? I was about 22, he was about 55 and now we are such a close friends!!! The thing is - we love learning! and we love languages! So he learnt Russian and I learnt.. oh it's a tough question...... it was Italian, English, Portuguese... So on one of website there was an option to communicate to native speaker and we decided that I can teach Paulo Russian language. It was really a lot of fun during our classes and Paulo decided to come to visit me and my husband to Crimea and invited me to visit Rio de Janeiro!!! And it's the city of my dreams since 2012!!!!
Bright sun, warm ocean, water in the ocean of different colors, best Zoo I've ever seen and most of all  kind and emotional people....Rio!!!!!!!!!
So I want to share here some of pictures! May be I should write more posts about it cause there's a looooot of images I love! And we've been not only in Rio! so yes! I'll write more, about Buenos Aires and Paraty!
And here you'll see pics in postcard style made by me.

My favorite one!

Took from helicopter

In botanical garden

I want to be a part of it! Still it's not Rio! I'll do a post about Paraty, I guess!

Night in Rio. Views're from different hotels, around 30 floor

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