My pregnancy friend

I loved being pregnant!!! Yes!!!! I want to have more kids!!!
Do you have kids already? If yes, how old are they?
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But here I'll tell you WHY I loved my maternity!

First of all- it's a miracle!!! It's another life inside  you!!! THE WHOLE LIFE!!! THE BABY!!!
Danya kicked me and very funny hiccuped, he gave me relax-in hormone and even now I can feel sometimes how it works and enjoy it! And also I love how pregnant ladies look!!! I think it's perfect!!

When I was about 8 weeks I've met my friend Kate (you'll  see her wedding pics here soon) and she told me that she has 12 weeks already!!! It was the best moment of our friendship for that time!!! Since that time we had a looooot of good moments, sure!!!
We've met each other in musical college so you see, we are singing everywhere and all of the time! Kate works as a singer and I'm a vocal coach now!
(She's @katiacrimea and I'm @innafay in instagram)

 So, let's sing a little!
Kate, Inna and 2 Daniels!!! So they have similar names and eyes and hair color

Seems Pancha also wants to have a baby!!!

With Stas! Love him!!! The best husband and father EVER!!!

Dasha came to my home to take this pics of me! Thank you, dear!!!

And August, 4 we did a professional maternity photo session with Lena!!! I'm happy to have this images!!! Danya was born August 12!!!

We have a lot of funny images, may be they deserve to be in other post, let's see! Stas doesn't share food.. no... doesn't love to be on pics!

But he is beautiful!

Do you enjoy your pregnancy now, wait for it or remember it as a good time?

If you a pregnant and live in NY or NJ, welcome to professional maternity photo session!!!
 You will love your images!

Thank you!!!

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