Sunday Funday in NYC

Our promenade in Downtown of Manhattan

He's playing all the weekends on Union Square train station and he is very talented! I love to listen to music he plays, it's usually Chopin, List, Beethoven... Good luck to  you, boy!

View to High Line Park.
It was a metro line and when it ceased to be used designer with help of city government created park there! It's beautiful, cozy, urban and very unique! Must See in New York! 

We didn't go to see park, we've been there few weeks ago. We tried to enter the museum but it was too long line there, so the playground was our option. 

During summertime all of playgrounds have fountain inside so kids come here with swimsuit and enjoy playing with water at such hot days.

Small river

I know just few playgrounds with sand in Brooklyn and Manhattan, after Ukraine it looked strange 

                                              Father's day, fathers're everywhere

I love the way dads help mom here!!!

And I love this view to WTC (World Trade Center) in Downtown NYC
Now WTC is the highest building in USA. You can see it here very well.

We rest a little lying down in the lawn and sure Danya loves to play and fly with Stas!!!

Danya pretends it's not a bag but dog, maybe. 

My little model!

|I love this shot!!!

Cozy stadium

Beautiful New Jersey and boats

And booooom! Raaaain!!!!

Only Danya is so brave

Danya is running here and there

He became a lil Einstein after the rain 

Loooooove him!!!

We guess it's dedicated to balloon. Funny fountain!

What did you do this weekend, where do you live and do you have a baby?

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