Touch the soul

The best thoughts in my life came at the time of Danya's hardest illness. He had a fever about 102-103 Fahrenheit and nothing could help to reduce it from midnight to 3 am and the whole day long. We were lying down in the bad, speaking, thinking, sleeping...
And at one moment I just opened my eyes and realize that it looks like our souls speaking! Yes! Danya can say now only bwakiabidadiba and something like that all the time so I can't say we talk with him as normal people do! But he was lying on me and was so weak and unprotected so I felt almost physically -here's only he and me, it's like not about bodies, it's about souls here and now! And another thing was the thought that  he is sure that mom knows what to do to comfort him, to reduce pain and fever. EVEN IF I DON'T!!!! I just felt it looking at him and it was amazing!
Stas always repeats that Danya loves me as no one ever will cause the love between baby and mother is the fantastic thing and the strongest love ever! And today I realized that such hard problems and not easy days come to our life to bring us new thought, new (and sometimes VERY strong) feelings and to refresh our attitude to problems, to life, to kids!
Be well, it's always better anyway!!!

He felt better and behave very cute, I think he also feels my love more every day and enjoys it

Like in the Garden of Eden

Let's be a gentlemen or Casanova.. He has time to decide, I guess! 

Art near bike

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