Beginning in NYC

     We came to NYC in March 4, 2014, leaving home when it was Ukraine and not believing that in 2 weeks it will seriously become part of Russia. We've got visas in February and wanted to spent some more time with friends and parents, to fill our hearts with them completely and move after that, but it was not our fate! On March 1 or 2 our local airport was closed and we decided to move much faster. On Saturday it was opened for only 1 plane to Moscow, we took tickets and went there to stay in the hotel for 3 days and wait our plane to NYC.

queens bridge
It's my favorite picture of Queens bridge, photo from internet 
          Dear parents and friends came to say Bye to us.
photo with friend
We tried to have fun in airport with Olya

mommy and grandson
My mom and my son

mommy and grandson

me, son and parents
Best parents ever!
photo of friend and my son
Olya with Danya

me and husband
Danya was 7 m.o. and he slept about 5 hours on board as well as we did and everyone was very happy with that.

sleeping son

Trip from plane to first apt I'll never forget, it looked as I'm inside NFS game! I never play PC games and know only NFS and it was exactly as I'm in there!!!
We lived in Long Island City first month and I have mixed fellings about it. I love it because of location so close to Manhattan but there's not a lot of places where to go and when you have free time to walk with baby in the stroller it means a lot.

queens bridge park
The view from park under the bridge, March 2014 

queens-bridge park

      But we really enjoy living in NY since very first days! We've been in Met museum and Opera, in Museum of Natural history and Museum of Transportation in Brooklyn, in different parks and squares and we try to go to different places every weekend cause it's so nice city with a lot of places to visit! What is Must See in NYC I'll write a bit later cause I think it really deserves to be written here. Here I'll put pictures from our first 2 months in NYC and later will be a post with a lot of nice images from 2014 year.

First image from Manhattan


We are near Rockefeller center 
Times Square
Times Square
Times Square

In Central park

Millions of squirrels live in NY, in all parks, playgrounds and just everywhere

baby boy
Danya always was funny
baby boy
playing with Daddy, 7 mo
mom and son
wrapped in towel 
mom and son
He's really a BIG BOY!!!

in tube

Brighton beach
In April we moved to Brooklyn and live near Brighton beach and Coney Island. We love the fact that ocean is so close and our building is really good so now we enjoy life here

It's often funny enough to walk near Coney Island, you can see my post

Coney Island
Carousel in Coney Island

Coney Island
They were screaming sooo loud! Even now I want to help them!

son and mom
Danya grows up so fast and has millions of funny pics, I'll also post them!!!

Where do you live now, what is a Must see where you live and what do you love about your place? Share your experience, it's always interesting to know!!!

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