How to choose the stroller and comparison of strollers Baby Jogger City Mini GT and Cam Portofino

          Sure, first and really the most important thing is that you should love the design! But let's see what does that mean!!!!
When you have a baby, usually you can not go with only 1 stroller from 0 to +/-36 months and besides strollers you'll have some cars, scooter, bikes etc. In our time it's also become simple to sell used stroller if you don't love it anymore or don't need it (so I didn't sell my unused stroller for more than 1 year lol!)
So get inspired and dream about new stroller as I always do when see them!


        It should be really big!!! Very very big! It's incredible useful and important and it'd have peekaboo windows so you can see what you baby is doing and it'd be really perfect if you can open it with no sound (so with no velcro)
Our Cam Portofino has great canopy but it's not so easy to use cause it falls down to baby or it'll put some sun inside but may be you can find a way to use it, I didn't use it long

Cam Portofino

Cam Portofino

Also baby jogger has great option to have more/ less air or shadow during the day and/or sleep

baby jogger

You see this window!!! or you can close it with black tissue so no sun inside!
And also I love how much space Danya has to put his legs!!! 

"Pro" of baby jogger

There's just no way to describe the difference between the stroller with 4 and 3 wheels!!!!! It's incredible how you need noooo effort at all to coordinate and move it when it has only 3 wheels!!! But all of strollers are different, I tried a log of 3-wheeled and some of them can let your baby fall down still this one is very stable, we've never had such problem! and it goes like by itself! 

Another point is that when you want to go up on street or step you can so easily push to handle and it'll go by itself again! It's also veeerryy comfortable

"Pro" of Cam Portofino

It has very good handle for baby's hands which comes for free and you can attach there different toys and it's easily open to put your baby in or out of stroller

Position of baby's spine is better during day time, baby's sitting more straight. in Baby jogger Danya should always lay down a bit and now he doesn't like  so at home he always choose to go in another stroller.

Rain cover goes also for free and it's just perfect! We use it even for much bigger stroller -baby jogger

Size of Cam is much smaller

It has a cover for baby for winter season, very nice, warm and comfortable
Bottom Basket Storage Bag
Both of strollers have big bags. I think Cam has bigger and more deep one but Baby jogger has also the pocket at the back side and attachable panel 3 or 4 pockets for keys, bottle and other staff.

How to fold them?

To fold Cam you need 2 hands and press 2 buttons and it'll be folded as a "book" and folding Baby jogger is a happiness,you only should push the 1 stripe and that's it! sooo easy!!!!!!!!!!! 

Place for feet differs a lot, even hard to describe cause I didn't use Cam for more than year and have no idea how Danya would feel there now. I even want to try to see it and may be will add this info here later but Baby jogger much bigger stroller and when Danya was almost 1 year he could sleep there totally laying down! you can see it here again 

baby jogger

Both strollers have similar safety system as you can see it here. it's 5 points.

For newborn 

Cam portofino has nothing, it's a stroller for kids who can sit already and for Baby jogger you can purchase additionally car seat or even compact bassinet where your baby can lay down and they have different colors.

 Accessories for Baby jogger 

I love to use Baby jogger! It's so easy to make it go, you can do it with only 1 finger!!!

What is your favorite stroller and important thing that moms should know when buying a stroller? 


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