Kate wedding

When I realize that I miss to work at weddings, I look for works I already did and I like to remember that beautiful time spent together with newlywed during their best day!
I want to put here images from stunning wedding. I love Kate, the bride and I love this pictures so I want you to love them too!!!

You can find Kate at instagram @katiacrimea. Now she's a wonderful mother and I've told you about her in previous post http://innafay.blogspot.com/2015/06/my-pregnancy-friend.html and will tell you more cause our kids are same age and same names and we have a lot of funny stories to share!
But wedding day is the most special in our life so let's enjoy the images here!

The very beginning. In home


And look how they love each other!!!

bride and bridesmaids
With best friends!

Real  princess, isn't she?

In the park
wedding in park

wedding in park

Love this shot!!!

wedding in park

wedding in park

wedding in park

My favorite one!!! 

Tell me what you think! Did you have a wedding already or planning soon? 

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Thank you!

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