10 things you should know before having a baby

        I always wanted to know how will be my life with baby and  as I see now I never could guess what having baby really means!
Sure it's about the best emotions you ever had, it's completely new life and it will make you much much better and you'll feel so grateful for your baby for a lot of moments that she or he will give you! So why I decided to write it, you will ask! Cause having a baby is not just about xccxx  ,knnnk.,h,h,hhk,h,,h,,funny time with smiles, never-ending hugs and cute laugh.  

1. Being pregnant woman and her husband is a great and hard job!

 Not all of the time, for sure, cause in this case no one would ever have any baby :) but spine start to hurt, you can not sleep during night and want to sleep during the day and running nose is a kind of problem as well as big belly which does not let you to sleep in any position but you'll see that time really flies and you can deal with all of it.
Still I loved so much being pregnant and I'd love to be may be about 3.4 or may be 5 times in my life and may be more cause when the child's moving inside you.... no one could ever describe this feeling!!!! Still I'm nor sure I want to be a mom of 4 or 5 kids! :)

maternity photo

maternity photo

2.  After relaxing during 1-2 months hard time begins

It can begin even in first month but I didn't take it so seriously for first months! You just realize at one moment that you have no your life, no your time, not even yourself anymore. You have no time to sleep, to take shower and to eat! It's really very very hard job, 24/7 and you even do not know well to whom you are doing it cause you just have met your baby and you can ask yourself 10 times a day if I love him or her as deeply as I dreamed and be stuck with the answer. Relax and take your time! Love is not that simple thing and sure you love your baby and you will be really surprised when in 6-8-10 months you learn how much you love!

mommy and baby
Our first minute in home and I'm soooo happy!

3. Breastfeeding isn't that easy as we believe it is

Thanks God, seems we have in USA a lot of consultants who can come to your home and help with all of problems and there're a lot of volunteers who do it for free! But you should educate yourself a lot, watch videos and ask a lot of women, read forums about all questions you will have! Do it and feel well about it cause it's really best thing you can give your child for his or her health! Also it can be very painful in first weeks and it's ok but only if you're sure you're doing it correctly, better ask someone to see if you're feeding right way!

4. Baby needs mom

Ooooh impossible to see how much they need mom!!! When baby touch mom's skin, great amount of good hormones come to baby's (and mom's!) blood and it helps to feel more comfortable, protective, safe and because of that baby starts to develop much faster! You really should touch your baby as much as you can (skin by skin is the best way), to carry him or her (slings will help a lot!!!) and sing to your baby! It works amazingly for theirs soul and brain!

Danya is a really big boy. When he was 3 months he was 7500 gram and I put him on sling such way that he could see everything, it was boring for him just to lay there and see me only. I did home work caring him like on photo and he fall asleep in 10-15 min always!
I was surprised about such facts when I read the best book for moms described below

5. Information and self - education really helps!!!

William Sears MD. The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two

I definitely consider that it's a Must Read for all of moms!!! Better to start to read when you are still expecting cause it's huge book with tons of super needed info! It's created by collective of authors who are American doctors and have great experience dealing with kids! William and Martha have 7 or 8 their own kids! It's amazing book, I think the best one about children I've ever read! It will explain you what to do in different situations and why they appear in your life and you'll feel more safe and know what to do!

Wanted to find image of book but found this one! It was such a great day in Prospect park! Stas was playing with Danya and I was reading laying in grass! Pure happiness! 

6.Husband  is a "mom" too

       He just didn't give a birth but he even can feed your baby if you use bottles (what is not good  and even danger while you breastfeeding cause it has another shape and baby will prefer bottle in few days so you'll lost breastfeeding). Daddy can do so a lot of thing for you and baby!!! To play, to develop, to read, to do sport, to have fun! Let him do it!!! Even if you think you can do it better! First, it's incredibly important for man to be involved. Second, you'll have a time to take shower! That's amazing! Every mom will tell you one thing: Ask about help! it's no need to cook, clean and take care of baby and yourself by your own! It's just impossible or will take you to big depression! First thing in your life is a baby and you, not cleaning your home or cooking!

We really tried to make Stas wear this sling but Danya was too light for him so it was not needed, later he caried him in ergo baby carrier
Danya's about 4 months here. He was 8100 gram already and at 9 months I was really worried he's too big! But now he's 24 and he's totally OK!

Evening on Ocean parkway, Brooklyn, New York


 7. Hormones are very strong

I cried for 2 weeks or so and I read that I'm not alone and it all because of hormones! They have changed a lot to help you to bring your life and in 9 months they will come to norm again so try to relax more and be calm. The good news is that there're also good hormones and they especially works when you breastfeed so you'll feel so needed, you will be incredible happy and loving after every feeding! I remember this feeling!

8. Not all of babies reach  milestones at time!

In Ukraine and Russia all of pediatricians recommend not to let your child sit until the baby learn how to sit by himself! and so we did. And also our neurologist in Ukraine told me that it's very important to crawl cause it gives signals to system and provide brain, emotional and speaking activity! so we, the parents, we crawling and Danya did not :))) it was funny time! but by the birthday of 8 months Danya started to crawl and sit up! So help your child, do a gymnastic with him and massage to stimulate his activity and physical development but be patient and let him or her be herself!

9. It's very hard to put some cloth on baby! Be patient! 

From may be 5 months Danya cried every time I tried to go for a walk and it always seemed impossible to go anywhere! Later he learned how to give me hands and legs and even enjoy the process.

10. Sleep when baby sleeps!

That's the best advice for all of moms! If you feel tired do not worry about cooking, home work, your business etc. Find time for yourself, rest and sleep when it's possible! You'll be more and more tired with every new day if you do not rest enough and you'll feel it and it'll spoil your mood and relationships with baby and people around, with yourself. Try to sleep every day at least 8 hours! I always woke up and went for breakfast around 12 pm when Danya was really small. He woke up and when he was sleeping again I just stopped to do anything and slept also! It always helps to recharge your energy and you will feel much better and have more positive thoughts and days!

I love this collage from different months! Try to make more pictures of your sleeping baby! They are sooo cute and sweet!

Having a baby 

means not only having a new  baby, but also new husband or new relationship saying correctly (you will see how he changes and love him much more, I really believe!!!), new life  and  new You! You'll think differently and see that nothing matters in this life as your baby and family do! You'll be so happy to have 10 minutes of free time, to eat with no sound around, to sleep! But even if it seems to be such hard time, it's still the sweetest time and at next day after giving a birth I told Yes, I want to have more kids! And I really want! The time flies and you will be so surprised how much your baby changes with every week! 

           Sure I suggest and invite all of you who are in New York or nearby to take pictures of your baby!!! It'll never be too much of them!!! Try to catch funny faces, smiles, emotions and sleeping moment and even after 12 months you'll see how you love this images and miss this sweet time!!! 

Love yourself, love your husband, love your baby cause love is really all around!!!

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