The easy flight with baby (my experience)

           In internet you can find 100001 advises what to bring on board and what to do there with your baby and I decided to share my experience.

          Daniel is 2 yo now and we had a flight from Crimea to New York when he was 7 months, we went there and back with him when he was 18-19 mo and few days ago we came back from Florida.
I mean, me and baby, with no daddy (still with daddy it's much simpler for us).
          The flight to Crimea is about 20 hours in plains and airports, it's 10 hours to Moscow and 3 hours from Moscow to Simferopol so it was a big  question for me how to deal with all that! The flight to Orlando, Fl, is just 3 hours and sure it's much better! Our family policy is no cartoons under 3 yo so I did everything to have fun in planes with no tv, phones or tablets.

Things that are important for me

      1 When you're choosing tickets, try to put the flight to baby's schedule.

Going to Florida he had a nap in plane cause it was he's napping time and it worked just perfect! Going back from Florida in the evening I gave him dinner before flight, so he didn't want to eat (still he always wants!!!) and he was really calm.

    2. Prepare new toys for baby and do not show them before flight.

It works just perfect for me! for a long trip you can have more new toys and books so baby will enjoy them, playing all the time and you'll hear no cry!

    3. Walk with baby on a plane

It's hard even for adult to fly 10 hours long! So all of us need to walk, let's move a bit.

    4. Look if there's other kids on board and try to connect with them!

It's really interesting to see different people, to learn their destination, to communicate! It's so easy to do when you have kids! When we were flying from Moscow, Stas joined us and Daniel was playing to him but it was so cool to meet other moms on board, kids were running for each other and from 1 point to another in the plane so I felt better after such trip (not just sitting for 10 hours!!!)

    5. Speak to your baby, sing to her/him, read new book, feed a baby as you do usually. You can bring baby food on board if it has original packaging (not home made unfortunately). And you can bring water or even tea for baby, they will do simple test of it and give it back to you. When you speak, read or sing, baby feels more comfortable and behave better.

If your baby is under 8 mo I think it's perfect time to go, to travel and even to enjoy flight! Babies usually sleep well because of monotone noise around. Danya was sleeping for 5 hours from 10 going to New York when he was 7 mo and we had really great flight that time!

Have a safe flight and enjoy the vacation time!

Share your experience in comments or ask questions, we'll try to find the best solution!

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