Cool devices for moms and baby

Starting photography carrier in New York I decided to visit different events. There're tons of events  in the City about beauty, weight loss, art, books and sure pregnancy. And in such events I  saw new things that people created to help moms in first baby's year.

Every mom goes home with prizes and gift bag

I think it's a very  comfortable tube! 

bath tube
We had this model! It's jacuzzi for baby! so cute! And you can make a shower there! I love this model!

I really love this device! 

It calls Bassinest! It's a crib for babies under 5 months and it rotates so you can come to your bad so easy! and you also can put it to your bed pushed 1 button, adjustable to any mattress high. you can also push the front panel while taking your baby out and it's so easy!

This mom won it! 

It's a warmer for wipes! I do not know if it's really that important but I think it's cool device!

My favorite among all of devices is this one!!!!!!!!!

It's not a stroller!!!!
It's a real car seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You just fold it and put to your car!!!! Super device! I know it's about $500 now and not in every store in USA, It's also for babies under 4 months I think but still I like so much!

New covers for wheels with special layers inside to absorb dirt and water.

Big City moms give presents to all who come! Moms are really happy!

     Also for moms there's not only event and products! for example on Facebook you can find a lot of groups for moms where you can ask any question and feel support from moms. I know local and american groups, and even groups with 2 languages such as Russian parents groups ( a lot of them) or Russian moms of  USA or Русская Мама USA.
     And also I came to know that now new food services in home are available for moms of Manhattan named kitchensurfing.Chef comes to your home to make a great healthy dinner for you so you can spend your time with kids and family. They work now in Park Slope and Manhattan and you can see more here

Hope you found something useful for you in this post! What devices do you like to use with your baby?

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