Trip to Florida

We've been visiting beautiful family from Crimea who live in Florida now. I was in one Lyceum with Ilona and when I came to know she's also lives in USA I started to dream to visit them. They came to New York during the summer and we spent great time together and in September we went to visit them.  We lived at Orlando area and it's such a lovely place that I definitely want to go back!

There're so a lot of places to see near Orlando! There're 4 Disney parks and I guess 11 beautiful other parks! I described in details the park Sea World in this post and just will put pics from our trip here.

Danya loved the idea of travel from the very beginning, he really adores air-crafts!
Also you can read here how to enjoy the flight with baby/toddlers!

We spent such a great sunny day in Winter park city. It's a historical city with around 28k population and famous Rollins college

I love green streets and south trees everywhere in the city

In Orlando we visited Lake Eola park

Florida is so green! It's really amazing!

I love this blue pillars! 

My lil Ninja!

The next day we've been visiting the Sea World 

and it was so amazing that you can see my post about it so here I'll put just few pictures and you're welcome to see more here!!!

sea world
This picture is my favorite from all the trip I guess! Two killers' kiss!!!

sea world

sea world
They were really dancing and even driving the car!
See my post about amazing day in Sea World Orlando for more pics

sea world
It looks unreal but there're 250 living penguins there!!!!

sea world
Now it's the way I think of Florida- bright, hot, green and with water and palm trees everywhere!

One day we spent  in Sent Pete beach and it was just amazing! Mexican Gulf seems to be a Paradise for me! Water more than +85 Fahrenheit  (more than +30 C, and I think even warmer close to the coast)

Danya didn't want to swim at all so he was not even in swimming suit but later he loved swimming and now he does it every night in the tube!!!

Beautiful Ilona with her Yeva and Olivia

This couple had amazing engagement photo session so you can see more pics here!

As his mom, I do not know why, but I love this photo! 

mom and baby
I was born in the little town at Black sea and every time I look at the sea or ocean my heart is singing

At the last day we went to Orlando eye and really loved the view, the Wonder wheel and the day!

It looks really great, isn't it?

Danya enjoys the time in Wonder wheel and I like such a modern design so you can even go with stroller inside! so cool for moms and ppl who needs wheel chairs! :)

Can't believe that I wrote everything here! It was such a nice trip and I'm looking forward to spend more days in Florida next time and visit more beautiful places!!! What are your favorite places all over the world? Let's share in comments! If you love travel photography, you can also see pics from my trip to Rio de Janeiro here  and if love family/baby photography or need a photographer in NYC, you are welcome to and!

Thank you!

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