Dreams come true!!!

The very beginning 

OMG I'm feeling so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how to start but want to share it all with  you!!!!

Ok! My husband is just the best!!!!! Since we've moved to NYC he told me it's a right city to realize all of your potential, just go and do it! Do what you want! And so I started to photograph and seek for a vocal teacher.  I want to sing!!!!
First I tried to visit some vocal classes but after graduating from musical college it's not that easy anymore, you think like a teacher, not like a student! And vocal can be so different, there're million genres of music! I love to sing classical music, I love this feeling of power of voice and this vibration inside of you! And I love to sing folk and soft rock for it tenderness or power and emotions! I love to write songs cause when it's yours you can do ANYTHING you want with it and it's amazing!!!!!
So I found meetup groups and started to go there!!! I think I'll do more posts about it in few weeks when I see more but from the very beginning it appears to be incredibly cool, useful and crazy!!!!!
I was in 2-3 small meetups for now and at first one people came there to share their art and that's it and at second one we had 2 great coaches so they gave us super advises to improve what we do!

Here I decided to put some photos from my lovely musical college

Just love this portrait done by my husband! 

During the main exam (graduation exam)

With my love, my teacher, the best woman and artist Lyudmila Rusakova

Our group of classical singers. Love to think about this guys! They are great! 

Opera singers family

Few days ago I went to meetup and it took place at the opera singers family home!!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marla is a beautiful soprano originally from New Zeeland and she sings in Europe, USA, Australia and Oceania! And her husband Daniel Rodrigues is a tenor, opera star of NYC. I'm just shocked that such people can give us their time, their opinion (no mention that it's for free!!!)  It was such a pleasure to sing at their apt where were some more great people who study vocal! We warmed up our voice and I realize how highly professionally Marla does it all and I love the way it all happen so now I prepare to sing next time my own song and classical arias! 

Rock in Parkside loung cafe

I'm so happy to have this photo!!!!! T
hanks to Mike Geffner, the organizer of this amazing open mic!!!! 

It was the first time I sang in club and I loved it so much!!! They have such a warm atmosphere there that you feel no stage fear and want to sing more and more! I will definitely come back there as well as trying new places!

group portrait

I love NYC!

And you just need to know what you want , find the way and do it!!!! I wish you all get so inspired as I did, fill your heart with trust that you can do what you love and be happy with that, no matter what! 

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