Say "NO" to depression

When you become a mom, your life changes completely!!! First what you feel is happiness!!! To touch your baby, to smell it, to kiss, to feed.... OMG! Nothing can be better in this world, nothing can bring you that feelings, joy and love!!! But what do we have in a bit? Moms usually don't sleep well during the night. Even  if you sleep and just wake up to feed your baby once in a while, it will work like 1+1+1+1 and so on so  and in a bit you feel more and more tired, all that you see around is baby, formula or sofa to breastfeed, sometimes some friends, and your home- cooking, cleaning etc. For first months you can even enjoy all of it but how long can you be that happy? I don't know. For me with my baby crying days and nights because of different reasons in 4 months life became not that happy. What did I? I went to psychologist and she explained me this clear and easy patterns what should do every mom (and women) to stay calm and love our life!

It's so easy to love your baby that now I love all of them and making newborn sessions I have a feeling that times went back and I touch my own baby! I love it!!!

1. Be yourself

In this beautiful world you're not only a mom!!! You are who you were before your baby was born, you are who you were born to be and you  need, physically and mentally to be who you are!!! Take some time to rest, to pay attention to yourself only and to your dreams, thoughts and needs. Go where you like to go, do what you love and let daddy, grandparents, doula or babysitter take care of baby for few hours (even some days a week, may be not every day) so you have this precious moments to enjoy your own life! As for me I think it's most important after baby is 1 mo, before this time you can only be happy seeing and touching your lil one and that's it :)

singer NYC
Now my son is 2 yo and I started to sing in NYC clubs. Seems it was what I dreamed most           and I'm so happy to do it even once a week!!! 

2. Sleep, sleep, sleep

In perfect situation and usually when you have first baby you can sleep when baby sleeps and it's all you need!!!!! Sleep til you feel that  it's enough for you, moms need incredible energy to keep baby alive and sure we need to recover more than we did before!

newborn photographer nyc
You can also see more pics from this session here 

3. Go outside EVERY DAY

I have no idea why, but it works so perfect to keep you in good mood!!!!!! Just fresh air, the sky, the views of city or park or ocean, everything you have near you will help you to keep calm! Just try it!

5. Talk to someone every day

Meet other moms, meet your old friends and new ones, speak and verbalize your needs and worries! 

6. Read and learn

It's really helpful to learn more about your baby, your body, hormones and just everything you're interested in!!! When my baby was born my husband read encyclopedia so he knew how brain and body of baby works and it was so helpful and sometimes it was so funny to look at baby's move when you know why is this happening! 
You'll have tons of questions about baby, baby's and your health, feeding, behavior etc! So look at google, on moms forums and Facebook, read great books! I love one book most - Sears. Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two.
It is so helpful, so touching and kind book!!!! Highly recommend to read not only if you having your first baby but even if you have already 1, 2 or more!

7. Love yourself

7 is a magical number in a lot of cultures and here I'll put the most important thing at number 7! Love, deeply and truly, yourself!!! Only if you know how, only if you love yourself you can love all people around you, your baby and your life! The most wonderful thing that I've learned from sessions with psychologist is that if we feel irritated it doesn't mean it exist outside of us but it's inside, sometimes (or often?) deeply inside and it is something that you don't love about yourself!!! So you shouldn't hide it! You should think about it, show it to yourself, may be even cry about it and then  - 8

8 Speak to your husband 

Or to other person who  can support you, tell what you feel and be sure that you get the answer and the support! If you tell but don't feel better after conversation, so it wasn't your goal, try again and explain how it's important for you! 

9. Do some exercises 

 It will help to provide "happy hormones", make you feel better, make you look better and love you more, make your body and blood better! Oh, we should really love and do sport!!!! :)

10. Watch films, listen to music, take bath with good salts, 
eat good food!

 Hope it all sounds pretty easy for you and you'll be able to remember and to do all of this things!

Have a wonderful week! Be positive and well! Hugs!


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