How to calm your child

Books may help!

Once  I was reading amazing book, it was in Russian, the name of it is "To communicate with your kid. How" by Yulia Gippenreiter ("Общаться с ребенком. Как")  But a lot of people who I meet in NYC even if speak Russian very well, don't read at all so I decided to put the best advises from that book here by myself in English. Hope you'll see this magic in work also!!!

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Tell the baby you know what  he/she means!

First and the most important thing, just a real  magic as I said, is here - let your baby know that you know!
What it THE ONLY good way to do it?
When my son (he was about 2 yo when I started it) cried or even had an hysteric, I picked him up to my hands, hug even though he didn't want to be hugged and told him this-
I know that you cry because ............ (you lost smth, you want smth....) and repeat it till he sees that you know why he cries. No question, only positive words - I know what you're feeling about, I know what you mean, I know ... and describe a situation in which your baby is now. It may look simple or stupid and appear hard when you do it first days but just try again and again and you'll see the result!
When he/she gets that you know it, he'll try to tell you more! Daniel was not speaking at that time but still he showed what else mom should know. And it works, baby gets calm and you know better his/her feelings and can help your child!

And the best thing about this method of "Active listening" is that
 1. your baby feels real support,
 2. you create connection with your baby and 
 3. it shows to you new aspects of a problem so you can now solve it much more simple and faster!

 As if he doesn't want to wear this jeans and you want him to wear it you start to speak "I know......." and then he tells you that a guy in day care wear similar and he doesn't want it because of that or something like that. So you just switch to another one and that's it. It's a very simple example but in real life I was shocked every day that my baby, my only 2 yo boy knows so much and feels so different from myself! So now he goes to hug me with no refuse and we know that we'll solve anything together!

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Hug the baby!

Of course it looks like you do it every day but psychologists say that every child need 8 hugs a day to feel happy and 4 to stay alive so just don't forget to hug your baby as often as you can!!!

Hope you'll find this miracles work for you too ASAP!

family photogrpaphy nyc

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