Let's start the trip! About baby, cars and music

We had a vacation for New Year and we went to South Carolina. Travel was great from the very beginning till the end and you gonna see it!

Such a cool feeling to go in USA and to listen to music from homeland!

baby photogrpahy
Danya is getting ready for trip
baby photogrpahy
May be we are heading to North Pole? 
No, to South Carolina!!!
This bridge is about 28 km and this misty day it just disappeared in the middle of the ocean!

baby photogrpahy

baby photogrpahy

Wheels of Yesteryear

Located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Wheels of Yesteryear is a car museum showcasing classic American muscle cars, vintage cars, and trucks.


baby photogrpahy


So we arrived to Myrtle Beach, SC, USA. First night we decided to celebrate our arrival in great Italian restaurant and really loved it! Christmas mood fits perfect to Italy, you know :)

baby photogrpahy

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