Happy Women's Day!

Did you celebrate International Women's day March, 8? If yes, what did you do?
I had such amazing day! My husband started to give me presents on Saturday, we went to Mall and he gave me new pair of shoes which I really love and he does and then he redesigned this website, my blog to innafairy.com which is so great present for me!
And today I've met amazing woman Sheila Jordan who is face painter and make up artist and we decided to start an amazing project for moms-to-be in the City! She'll do belly painting and I'll take pics! What can be nicer? :)
And after that I've met my lovely friend Nadya, who is mom of 2 beautiful kids and we did some shopping and went to a cafe! So glad we've met today and spent this day together!

We found each other in this City and it's sooo amazing to have friends!!!!

More boots shopping lol

Manhattan always looks amazing for me! Especially UWS!


Manhattan NYCManhattan NYC

Manhattan NYC
Nadya with her lil Man Brian 

Manhattan NYC
Love the look of building here

Manhattan NYC
and of me - here :)

Manhattan NYC

I was looking for No - wheels and found this beauty from La Artiste! Love it!

The biggest present I've ever had for Women's day!!!! The best flowers, really!!!

Happy International Women's Day!!! Be happy, healthy, inspired and just glow!!!!

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Thank you!

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