Morris museum, NJ

We spent a day in Morris museum and it was just amazing!
This place has really a lot to offer! Inside the museum there's a lot of different exhibitions in so different styles and perspectives. You will find the modern kinetic art and natural history objects, classical art, amazing musical, minerals and dinosaurs room, fashion and American Indian art. This museum is great to visit with or without kids. There's just no food inside so I recommend you to eat first! Parking lot is small but first check the working hours when you plan a visit as today, on Sunday it opened at 12 pm so we came in a good time and had no problems with the parking!
There's also an arboretum right next to the museum so
I believe we'll go there again with nicer weather!!!
Here's some pictures and videos of the museum and town near it.

Our friend gave Daniel a owl toy as  a gift, now he sleeps with it and adores owls! :)
Museum has a nice entrance

I don't know why but I love looking at minerals! They are a pure magic for me! So different shapes and colors! They are telling us a story even though they're just stones and can't move! It's like when you look at the stone you see how it formed and how beautiful it is now!

And it was my first time driving for a 40 min on a highway! Beyond exciting experience!!! :)

We love travelling and visiting different museums. Danya likes to see animals and plays with all the interactive parts and I'm really glad museums in USA offer  a lot for kids!
So far the best museums in NJ for families with boys was Northlandz museum, you can read more about it in this blog post and of course Ground for sculpture, take a look here!!! It's so Must-See place!!! Highly recommend to go there when it's warm outside!
 While we lived in Brooklyn we loved to go to Long Island, my 2 favorites spots are Arboretum and  Old Westbury Gardens!
Arboretum is more about flowers and nature, check out my post about it!
Old Westbury Gardens - read my post here!- is about beautiful architecture, gardens and fresh air, they also offered free classical music concerts, not sure what's in their agenda for this year but you can always check it on the official website.
I'm also in love with photography, own Inna Fay photography and specialize in baby and family portraiture in NJ and NYC. Please, check out my website and leave an email if you have any questions! I'll be happy to help in any way I can!
Thank you for reading!
Enjoy your time!

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