Niagara falls

Time flies so fast! This blog will be about our day spent at Niagara Falls and it was a beautiful summer day in July 2016! We recently asked Danya if he remembers seeing any waterfalls and he told us that yes, he remembers that we went there one day but has no idea how it all looks like! So it seems to me that we'll be heading there again and maybe even this year! But honestly even with two years passed the memories feel so fresh as that experience was just huge for me! This super powerful waterfall feels you up with energy and you can still feel it even years after just looking at this pictures! I remember Danya was totally shocked and overwhelmed and he was crying all way in the boat and now I realize that he felt so unsafe there and we tried to have fun and show him how cool it is to go under the waterfall but for him it was so loud and awkward, I can't imagine! It was a very hot day so maybe next time we won't go in the summer and I know few people who went to Niagara during the winter and was so glad they did as there were totally no people but tons of ice and it looked like the castle made of ice! Being born in the town on the sea, I can imagine how it looks like in winter, can you?
From New York it's about 9 hours drive. We split it up in few days and spent time in different hiking routes and museums before and after visiting Niagara so for us it was about 10 days vacation and it's been one of the best in our lives! I remember it all being green with fresh air and nice walks every day! I definitely want to do something like this as much as possible and so glad to live now closer to Upstate NYC, NJ and PA as they offer so many places to go for hiking! We just opened the season yesterday and I'll do the blog post about it really soon! It also was about waterfalls and I'm so happy Daniel liked it! Last year it was pretty challenging to ask him to go to the forest, hopefully, this year it'll be much easier for us! I'm so looking forward to it! 

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