Moro Rock Trail and Tokopah waterfalls trail in Sequoia National Park

The second day of out beautiful California vacation brought us new adventures! We've been hiking to Moro Rock Trail  and then walked in a very nice trail to Tokopah falls via Tokopah valley.

It's not even the part of our beloved Giant forest but still look how big the trees are in this area!

Can you see Danya and Stas here?
Here they are!!! :)

A new nice system how to hike with tall 4 yo! When Danya got tired that's how they walked!

 We really love Sequoia National Park and if you're into big trees as much as we are then it's definitely a great place for you to visit! Every time we're going hiking we think about staying for a night in the mountains and here for the first time in my life I saw big campings and realized that I could do that! Next time, obviously as we were not equipped but at least it's not too scary for me now! Even though on the camp sign in the ,,,,,,,,,, falls trail it was being said that BEARS came into the camping area for LAST 7 DAYS - 3 TIMES!!!
So here's the images from the first part of our day, the Moro Rock trail!

I didn't expect to see that high mountains hiking 1 mile to the top by stairs!

At the afternoon we decided to go to see  Tokopah waterfalls. It was the best hiking in Sequoia National Park! The trail is beyond beautiful and calm, you just walk in the forest with nice high mountains around you. It looked like something I'd expect to see in Yosemite, how I imagined that to be but it was again, in Sequoia National Park!!!

We've met a few very cut animals in there and I even did some pictures of them!

When I stood up, he did too!!! And when I came closer and tried to sit down, he sat as well! It was so much fun :)

Coming closer to waterfall you realize how gorgeous it is going down from such a scenic mountain!

Danya's conducting a Waterfall opera :)

We've seen some snow around and I totally didn't expect to see the snow so close!!! What did I know about our hiking in less than a week to 11000 feet - 3400 m with snow all around us lol
This trail was an easy one but about 6 miles long ( all signs in the parks say 2-3 miles less then GPS shows!) and it is moderately trafficked. There were so many parents with kids! So nice to see other families hiking in the nature! I really think it's the best way to spend a nice summer day!

Here's info about Tokopah trail from my favorite app/ website - alltrails! 

let me know if you're interested in photo session!

Wishing you all the best!

Thank you for reading!

My most favorite photo from the day!


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