When I feel tired I know I need to recharge. Starting this Spring I decided to try traveling alone. I just book the hotel and go. And I have to tell you, it feels amazing! 

In the room it's always so quiet! And you know, there's nothing to do! And that's the whole point!

You get to relax and leave all worries behind! You don't have to do anything!  And what I love to do in such cases besides just resting, is a longer meditations and journaling! Digging deeper and exploring more if what I feel and why. So many insights! 

Our emotions are always information. About how we were treated like a child as emotions are stored in the physical body and we start to collect them in childhood and never stop. So usually it's a lot of them stored and it brings extra stress to carry them all! So when you journal, you express them meaning you actually release them! 

And then you feel lighter and happier! 

Besides the journaling, Princeton gave me the opportunity to walk in beautiful places so I'm happily sharing the pictures!

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